Saturday, April 24, 2010

Keegan: Friend of my dreams...

i had another amazing dream last night.

i was laying beside my girlfriend, in a room full of my closest friends where we had all retired to after a house party. the only predominant people in the dream were two of my close guy friends, my girlfriend and the girl i had a thing for before my current girl friend.

anyway, i was laying down with my girlfriend, and one of my male friends got dared to make out with my girlfriend... she agreed and they began...
I should probably mention that my friend was naked and arched over the two of us, on all fours making out with her.
my other friend says "are you going to give him a blow job?" in a shocked tone. i denied, although it was the only thing i could think about doing at that point in time. i so just wanted to suck him and let him cum in my mouth.

time passes slightly and the lights are out now, and everyone is asleep... except for my girlfriend and my friend , still making out next to me with his small cock dangling in arms reach.

i reach up and start gently playing with it, holding it, feeling its warmth as it grows. the soft skin sliding easily between my fingers. . . i want to suck it, i want to taste it, but this could not be done without alerting my girlfriend and her finding out that i was doing a gay act.

i wanted so bad.

i stopped and pulled my arm away... in the process brushing past my girlfriend, alerting her to the fact that i was just playing with his cock.

she says "what the fuck?"

i woke up...

longing for cock even more than before, really wanting to give head.
good dream i want one like that every night...

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