Sunday, July 26, 2009

Confused dream

I had quite a strange dream last night...
But I will start at the start.
I have had a mega crush on a girl lately (shock horror) by the name of Stephanie. She has been driving me wild, I cannot stop thinking about her and she has been in my dreams every night fo the past week.

Anyway my friend Michael, who has also been my relationship advisor this week was the subject of my confusing dream last night. I dreampt that we were playing with each other, he was wanking me for a bit, and there was some kissing and embracing. But then, I reached down to his crotch, to play with him and there was seemingly nothing there. In great shock I observed him giggleing in extreme ecestacy. I then realized that he infact had a vagina of which I was 2 to 3 cm deep in with my index finger. More giggleing and he simply said "oh that feels so good" with the most pleased expression on his face.

I soon woke up with great confusion...

Is this new found crush just a vaginal attraction? Or am I actually attracted to Michael? I mean he is not ugly or anything but I have never thought of him sexually before. I am so confused as to what I am into at the moment. I seem to have cut down on the ammount of guy perves and increased the ammount of sexual female thoughts.
Does this prove that I am not gay? Does it confirm that I am bi? Or does it make me interested in trannies? Not likely!

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