Monday, April 20, 2009

Self Sucking Boys

I Have been really into sucking my own cock lately... i often get all naked and lay on my back and flick my legs over ontop of me with my cock dangling down in my face. i suck and suck untill it gets sore, i cannot seem to cum without wanking. but when i get to wank and suck at the same time, ohhhh the taste is so rewarding. i mean it doesn't taste too great but the precum is delicious.

I really like fingering myself or putting my sex toy in my ass and pull it out just as i cum


  1. i used to suck my cock when i was younger and into my late twenties. I sucked my first cock when i was in high school and loved taking his cock all the way into my mouth and swallowing his cum. the 2nd cock i sucked was a 19 yrs old boys cock and i liked and sucked his asshole and sucked his cock until he shot all his cum into my mouth and i swallowed all of his load


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