Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Sexual Dream

I had a really gay dream the other night.

I dreampt that Adam (who i was talking about in earlier post) and i were in this place with many other hot guys that go to my school.
it started with me just talking to him in some large kitchen somewhere and all these other people were standing around, he seemed to be the leader of the group and people had been giving him their full attention...
All of a sudden he pulls his cock out and gives it a really rough and hard wank ( as you do when you are about to climax). soon the kitchen bench was copping the most of the thick load of creamy gold shooting across the room from what seem the most perfectly sized and shaped dick. soon he span around to me and was shooting all over me, i did not step out of the way and instead i stood there and let everyone watch as i was getting completely covered with the warm goo that came pulsating from his dick.
he seemed a little nervous as he did it and was laughing as i tried to make sure as much could get on me...

soon i was laying down naked and the rest of the hot guys (which i had been admiring especially this week) followed suit.
me getting plastered with cum laying on the cold kitchen floor seeing all of my eye candy wanking and checking each other out. FUCKING LOVING IT!

since this dream i have not been able to look at him and not think of this instance.
He is soooo hot!


  1. That is Josh Duhamel. It's a hot picture, but it's not of you.

  2. this picture is not of you.


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