Monday, November 3, 2008

A Bit About Me

So i know by now you see what sort of things i am into sexually.. but i think that maybe i need to tell you a bit about me...

Although i am 18 years old i still go to high school because i was kept down twice in grade 3. I can drink, drive, go clubbing, and all that stuff with my older friends but at school it is a different story.

At the moment i am finding it hard to get this guy out of my head... his name is Adam and he lives down my street. He is 17 and he has a girl friend. (threesome would be nice) cos she is hot also.
he is in my design and industrial tech and maths classes. I have been friends with him since i was quite young and he was my best friend once in primary school. So i know him quite well and we already have this really awesome connection. he is one of those guys that fits in with all the other popular guys, and still talks and is friendly to the not so popular people. he is very open and will tell you the odd story every now and again.

he has a perfect body, (i know cos someone put saw dust down his shirt once in industrial tech and he took his shirt off to shake it out) :P perfect clean chest, nice perky nipples, and a thin snail trail. his hair style is in a short spikey style. he has little facial hair bit you can tell he could have quite a thick beard if he wanted.

i would love a photo of him, but for now i can only imagine...
i will keep you updated on my latest man crush..


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